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Cecilia Nathal / About us

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Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco. Cecilia Gutiérrez Hermosillo studied Business Administration at the Universidad del Valle de Atemajac. Her career in fashion design began at an early age, Cecilia was dedicated to import clothing and sell it with her friends, there she recognized the taste and desire of people, finding the most attractive way to present and sell the products.


In 1989, she married Gilberto Nathal Sánchez, who had a brand of clothing called Cotton Club, she, then, started to present ideas in design and colors. Cecilia, little by little, and self-taught began to learn to design and began to collaborate with her husband.


In 1995, Cotton Club transformed into Cecilia Nathal® and marked the beginning of a new stage both in Cecilia's life and fashion design. Changing the perception that people had about gauze clothing and managing to reach the hearts of the Mexican market, something difficult to achieve, since the strongest market was abroad.


Vanguard, fashion and quality are the standards with which Cecilia works while creating a design. She has always committed to use only Mexican products for the manufacture of her garments, which has caught the attention of customers who have remained faithfully with her designs for more than 20 years.


In 2015, Simply Cotton® was born, a new proposal that seeks to meet the needs of a market that likes cotton clothing, but does not necessarily want to use it on the beach. This new line gives the opportunity to create more outfits with Cecilia Nathal® with a different vision.


To Cecilia it is important that people who use their designs, feel comfortable and beautiful, no matter how old they are or what size they are.

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